Sala em Pala Renovation - Nuno Melo Sousa

A house as a sum of attachments, without a living area. Among the volumetric shapes and add-ons, a patio. 
A horizontal platform and two black volumes.
In order not to disrupt the house´s daily life, the main structure was built without destroying the existent windowed yellow wall. Thus, the project comes up with the idea of placing a slab in exposed concrete that supports the existing coverage and stands in tension with the movement of the upper bound gallery. A large skylight emerges in traditional slate shingles, evoking the same material use as the existent vernacular kitchen on the plot´s opposite side and providing light and ventilation to the new living room. The existing pavement was kept as well as the existent roof. After the implementation of the concrete slab and supporting elements, the wall that once bordered the narrow living space, was finally demolished, connecting the new space and the corridor.

Project title:Sala em Pala Renovation
Architect:Nuno Melo Sousa