Ilha houses 6 and 12 off Miguel Bombarda street - José Almeida Lobo

From Miguel Bombarda street, a sloping passageway under a building leads to a small ilha (an affordable living quarter, typical of Porto and built for workers in the XIX century). Two long, painted, stone buildings, composed of 18 ilha houses, line an open alleyway.
In house 6 (17m2), a new, structural reinforcement beam draws the division between the bathroom and kitchen areas from the living and sleeping space. The dining area is lit by the sash window and attached to the kitchen, where the main entrance door leads to a small porch, connecting the indoor and outdoor environments.
House 12 (34m2) expands on two floors. On the ground floor, a generous hall connects the bathroom to the bedroom (with the only window on the floor). The strategically exposed roof structure adds space to the first floor, where the kitchen is integrated into the back wall and aligns with the width of the stairs, modestly maximizing the living room space.

Project title:Ilha houses 6 and 12 off Miguel Bombarda street
Architect:José Almeida Lobo