GGB -Beauty salon - Jorge Domingues

GGB is a beauty salon situated on the ground floor of a historic building in Calle del Hórreo, in Santiago de Compostela.

When we walk along the pavement until reaching the beauty salon, we observe that wood is the material of choice, dominating the composition of the entire project. Seeing that this is a historic stone building, wood – a natural and noble material – was considered an enhancement both to the external façade and the internal space, providing a warm, cosy and homogeneous environment.

When we access the beauty salon, we enter the main reception area, which has a vaulted ceiling. This is a commercial area for the sale of products and comprises a customer service desk with display cabinets featuring cosmetic products on either side.

The next space is the cosmetics and make-up room. It is located behind the reception desk, where a dividing wall composed of smooth wood panels lined with solid pine wood bars partitions the two areas. This system is replicated throughout the cosmetics and make-up area and extends to the corridor that leads to the other spaces that comprise the beauty salon.

This wood panel solution with bars on the walls and ceiling confers the corridor a subtle atmosphere with homogenous and elegant textures, creating a sense of visual tranquillity.

As we accompany these wood textures along the corridor, we access the different areas of the salon, such as the staff room, the doctor’s office or the facial and body treatment rooms via concealed doorways. The entrances to these spaces are marked by black door handles that set a marked rhythm along the corridor.
In turn, these rooms are minimalist spaces, with white furniture and walls, transporting us into serene, luminous spaces.

At the end of the corridor, we reach the relaxation room, also entirely composed of wood. This space, as well as the two beauty treatment rooms, face towards the two exterior patios situated at the far end of the beauty salon, turning these areas into tranquil and relaxed environments.

The concept underlying this project sought to create an environment that would relate to the activity performed here, providing a visually elegant ambience, both subtle and serene.

Project title:GGB -Beauty salon
Architect:Jorge Domingues
City:Santiago Compostela