Casa da Cerca - Barbosa & Guimarães

This house, owned by a couple of designers needed a transformation, brought about mainly by new functional requirements, but also for the clarification of its relationship with the street and the internal courtyard.
In the house it can be read three volumes that we wanted to identify very clearly. On the nineteenth century main body of the house, it was maintained the style and all the features from this period, such as the masonry, the granite stone and the wooden frames;

A second volume recessed, built in wood structure and partition, we used the black slates in an attempt of dematerialization, in contrast with the white plaster of the lower floors;
The third volume is the garage which works as a body attached; it was built about ten years ago, ant it touches the nineteenth century building, creating in its coverage an outdoor patio.

Project title:Casa da Cerca
Architect:Barbosa & Guimarães