House AADD – Galeria Gabinete - Helder de Carvalho

Casa AADD - Galeria Gabinete em Penafiel - Helder Carvalho arquiteto - Fotografias de Jose Campos

What would it be like if I had grown up in this place?

What would it be like if I knew the reality of a friend?

A field of generous proportions that included a wall, two staircases and columns of granite, which lead into an imaginary house, here the basis of the project had to be thought of as two platforms.

One superior platform has an enterance point, that can be seen through the fence, and one inferior platform that is quiet and gives privacy and a new meaning to the word comfort.

There are panels and doors that open into spaces, showing details of simplicity, there are also views and luminosity between the floors which completes and delights the senses.The different perspectives of this home shows us a peaceful haven of light and balance creating fascinating spaces that elevate the volumetry.

Location | Vila Boa de Quires – Marco de Canaveses, Portugal

Architecture | Galeria Gabinete by Helder de Carvalho

Engineering | Jasmim Reis

Collaborators | Carla Zuzarte, Cláudio Ferreira, Michael Ferreira, Sérgio Azevedo, Sidónio de Jesus

Project title:House AADD – Galeria Gabinete
Architect:Helder de Carvalho
City:Marco de Canaveses