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Cultural House – Museum José Manuel Soares
Synopsis The creation of Pinhel’s Cultural House allowed the rehabilitation of the city’s old Bishop’s Palace, a building of the eighteenth century, that had undergone countless changes during the last decades to accommodate several different programs, such as Military and Police Headquarters, School and Student Residence. The project proposal reinterprets the evolutionary history of the building and attempts to constitute another important step in its long history.Without any prejudice or fear, the proposal balances between the assurance of permanence of the original matrix of the building and the injection of a new dignity in its disfigured and misfited interior layouts. Thus, and still considering the need for a low budget intervention and a short period for the construction work, the project contained two phases: the first – na… [read more]

Recent Work

Hospital Sousa MartinsGuarda / Portugal

Architects: Aripa Architects / 2013

The Sousa Martins Sanatorium which opened in 1907 was the first purpose-built hospital for the treatment of patients with pulmonary infections. The sanatorium’s strong humanist component (it had a games room, winter garden, library, dentist, barber and soon) and its location in a… [read more]

Renovation of two houses in TrovadorGuimarães / Portugal

Architects: Pitágoras / 2015

Este projecto trata da reabilitação de dois edifícios existentes na zona histórica de Guimarães, tendo em vista a instalação de espaços comerciais e apartamentos, procedendo assim à alteração da tipologia existente, mantendo no entanto o seu uso.  Os edifícios local… [read more]

Arquipélago – Contemporary Arts CentreRibeira Grande, Açores / Portugal

Architects: Menos é Mais + João Mendes Ribeiro / 2015

The Arquipélago – Contemporary Arts Centre seeks to unite the different scales and times of its parts. It is a transdisciplinary project whose mission is to disseminate, create and produce emerging culture: a space of exchange and interface for people, knowledge and events. The… [read more]

Ozadi HotelTavira / Portugal

Architects: Pedro Campos Costa / 2014

Rehabilitation is a medical term that refers to the dynamic global process oriented to physical and psychological regeneration of the human being. In architecture is associated with the critical process to find the essential elements which are to remain, those that must be removed an… [read more]