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Fonte de Angeão School
The school setting allows a close relationship with nature, located in the countryside, the new primary school + kindergarten is surrounded by beautiful adult trees.
The proposal explores the relations between inside and outside through two systems that will define the spatial organization of the school: in the classrooms, an atmosphere of concentration is seek – so the large windows open to gaps, like private courtyards, providing controlled natural light and diagonal views to the surroundings. In the common zones the opposite is seek, direct and frontal views, large perspective fields in all directions as well as plenty of natural light in the corridors.
There is no separation between structure, architecture and building services. The structure is at once architecture and its material is the actual finish. Pipes and cable trays are not hidden and most of ve… [read more]

Recent Work

House in AfifeViana do Castelo / Portugal

Architects: Guilherme Machado Vaz / 2019

The house is built in the north of Portugal, in a rural settlement that was established at the foot of the hill and expanded towards the plain, which is used as arable land, and extends to the sea.
The land is separated from a chapel by a walkway, and it is located at a lower level. It is long (abo… [read more]

Liquid Pavilion at Serralves MuseumPorto / Portugal

Architects: depA / 2018

The pavilion uses the Museum building and the Serralves Park as its raw material in different scales with one and the other. Firstly, the pavilion’s design establishes an indirect relationship with the Museum building. The pavilion’s design is a polygon extracted from the Museum… [read more]

Quinta do Orgal ValladoCastelo Melhor / Portugal

Architects: Menos é Mais Architects


Ilha houses 6 and 12 off Miguel Bombarda streetPorto / Portugal

Architects: José Almeida Lobo / 2018

From Miguel Bombarda street, a sloping passageway under a building leads to a small ilha (an affordable living quarter, typical of Porto and built for workers in the XIX century). Two long, painted, stone buildings, composed of 18 ilha houses, line an open alleyway.
In house 6 (17m2), a n… [read more]